One day while fishing a WeedLine where the fish were going crazy, three hours had unknowingly past from the time we promised our ladies we would be home. As luck would have it; the boat sprung a leak, and storms were beginning to form on the horizon, but we all vowed not to leave until the beer was gone, the boat sinks, or the fish stopped biting. At that point someone jokingly said, "every fisherman loves a good WeedLine". Laughing hysterically about that comment, over the next few weeks we all joked that WeedLine would be a funny name for a fishing apparel brand...

Not being one's to pass up a challenge, and realizing that we all have trouble taking things serious in life, we figured we would put our punk rock values, and DIY work ethic into motion, thus "WeedLine™ Fishing Apparel" was born.

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