Ricky Carroll Surfboards

Ricky Carroll is a Florida treasure. An accomplished competitive surfer, he is widely known as a superior shaper. Ricky is the only 3-time winner of the "Tribute to the Masters" shaping competition held annually at California's Boardroom Surf Expo. 

Recently, the movie In Between Days filmed key scenes here at Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport and Ricky provided all the boards used for the main stunt. Those boards are now available for purchase at the shop. You end up getting a really great surfboard and a little piece of cinematic memorabilia. Who knows? If the movie becomes a hit when it comes out in 2016, it could become a very valuable piece of memorabilia!

Ricky also does custom shaping for our customers. You can have him make exactly the board you want and even get your name on the stringer. Best of all, it doesn't cost a penny more to get a custom shape that it does to buy one off the rack. Try it -- you'll like it! Just call us and we'll make all the arrangements.


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