Wear it on your wrist, or tie up your hair with panache! Unique designs inspired by the Haitian culture; handmade in Haiti.

In Haiti, Simbi is a water spirit. She is called upon to facilitate solutions to problems. Simbi hair-bracelets to help bring clean water to a population in desperate need.

The founders created Simbi Inc. with two main objectives: to simplify the link between hair and fashion, and to help Haiti. During the 2010 earthquake, Haiti's already weak health, social, and economic situation was hard hit. As many Haitians had no access to clean drinking water, an outbreak of cholera further devastated a population already living in misery after the quake.

Each hair-bracelet sold keeps Haitians employed and helps raise money to install water filtration systems throughout the country, saving lives.

Each Simbi sold purifies 1 gallon of water. Over 10 million gallons of water have been purified to date.

Simbi Inc. is an active member of the Board of Directors of “We Advance”, an organization creating a grassroots movement empowering Haitian women. www.empowerinaitian women.

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