Okabashi Flip Flops

It wasn’t really our plan, but we find that we are stocking more and more Made in America products, not out of some patriotic sensibility, but in an effort to offer our customers the best possible products at very good prices. Weird, huh, especially when the consensus is that you can’t afford to make quality products in the USA?


Okabashi’s are made right up the road in Buford, Georgia and they’re damn good flip flops that have excellent arch support and great fit. They’re also guaranteed for two years and are 100% recyclable. 


One thing of note, you may not see Okabashi is your average surf retailer and may wonder why. Answer: if they stock Okabashi, they’re afraid they won’t sell the higher margin brands that you see in all the surf mags.


Now, as far as the patriotism thing goes, here are some interesting notes:

  1. Only about 1% of footwear sold and worn in America is Made in America. This means an Okabashi only travels about 7% as far as a foreign made shoe to get to market, saving vast quantities of carbon emissions.
  2. Current Okabashi ownership is the third generation of the founding family and the company is run by a female leadership team.
  3. Working with partners like the Two Ten Foundation and Souls for Soles, Okabashi has donated over 100,000 pairs of shoes for disaster relief, veterans and other charitable needs.


All of this makes us kinda red, white & blue proud to carry Okabashi flip flops!