KKrows Apparel

KKrows was founded three siblings decided to make a business out of their passion, and developed a brand for water sports and people with an active lifestyle. Karen, Kelly and Kim, or “little crows”, as our mother used to call us, come from a background of surfers. Grandma was one of the first women to ever surf in Peru and mom was a competitor in tandem-style surfing back in the 60's.


KKrows is based in Orlando, Florida, and was established in 2008 with surfboards, wakesurf boards and kiteboards. In the summer of 2014, they launched a full line of water & board-sports gear, including hybrid shoes, board shorts, surf bags, t-shirts, rashguards, bikinis, flip flops and accessories!

The popularity of the brand grew from selling gear at our sponsored local events, to picking up several popular shops in the Cocoa Beach and Orlando areas.

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