DaveL Designs

 DaveL (David Lavernia) began drawing the way many of us do, with crayons on paper - sometimes walls - and learning to color inside the lines. But in middle school, when his friends moved on to sports and video games, DaveL moved on to exploring new art media and materials, not really understanding why the other kids weren’t doing
the same.

Growing a bit self-conscious about his seemingly peculiar interest, he put away his pencils and papers. Then, his sister found a stack of old drawings and insisted he show them to people, and at her encouragement, he entered his first art contest. He was 11 years old.

Born and raised in Miami, DaveL has always been inspired by his tropical surroundings, and while he did study graphic design in college, he gives more credit to his peers, other artists and some unlikely instructors for helping him develop his craft. “The world is my teacher,” DaveL shares. “I’ve gone everywhere, traveling with
my work, following art fairs, festivals, and art walks... just living and learning.” In fact, over the past four years, DaveL has visited every state in the United States, including Alaska. DaveL works with a variety of media, including acrylic, oil and spray paint,
enamel, oil pastels and mixed media.