Zane Grey - Western Union

From the Dust Jacket: Here is a novel to stir the imagination -- a long historical novel in the grand tradition, based on a graphic page in American history. Young Wayne Cameron, late of Harvard, had a considerable portion of stubborn Scottish blood and more than his share of the natural fighting instinct. And he was to need all he had of both in the dangerous months ahead of him. For journeying to the Middle West, he fell in with a group of Westerners and joined with them in the desperate enterprise of carrying forward Western Union's line of communication through a thousand miles of wilderness of stringing a single strand of iron wire across a continent. Fights against outlaws, warfare with hostile Indians, daily threats of destruction from Buffalo stampedes and on-sweeping prairie fires, attempts to cross rivers at full flood--all these made life a constant peril. Cover worn with tear; pages good. 1941 edition, Canadian publisher.

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