Learn To Surf!

Live the surfing life!  We're passionate about giving our students the knowledge to make surfing a lifetime sport, not just a once in a lifetime experience. Your surf lesson begins with a comprehensive tutorial on ocean safety. Next up is balance training on Indo Boards and the fun USurf machine. Before we head to the beach, you learn proper technique for waxing the board. Then it’s across the road to the beach to take a first crack at learning how to surf. In this phase, you’ll practice "popping up", then learn about paddling the board, getting out to the line-up and judging waves. With luck, you’ll get your first experience riding down the face of the wave. Private, semi-private lessons available. You can even sign up for the Two Day Surf Experience.

Call the shop at 321 574 0600 for all the details. Prices vary.

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