It Takes Two To Tandem

It Takes Two to Tandem, by  competitive tandem surfer Lance Maki, MD ( of California, and until recently, Cocoa Beach), $40. Published September 2012. It's the story of tandem surfing, where two people paddle together, catch a wave, stand and do a series of ballet-like moves and lifts. Behind the waves, are tales of endurance and other "intriguing tales."  Illustrated with over 200 photos. Tandem 101, thanks to tandem surfer and competition-judge-in training Amy Lowderman Lashley, who stopped by with the books: girl has to be at least 50% of the guy's weight; there are 52 lifts on the official tandem surfing lift chart; lifts do not count if the girl's feet do not come down to touch board; tandem boards are generally 11-13 feet, about 30 inches wide and 4 3/4 inches thick. Etc.

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