Solrx Waterblock Sunscreen 44 (3 oz)

Around the world, SolRx Waterblock SPF 44 Dry Zinc Sunscreen is the trusted choice of athletes and lifeguards for protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Originally designed for triathletes, swimmers and surfers, our SPF 44 Dry Zinc Sunscreen offers broad spectrum protection and it will not burn your eyes if you sweat.

Differing from normal sport sunscreens, SolRx’s SPF 44 Dry Zinc Sunscreen blocks the sun’s harmful rays, instead of reflecting them. Regular sport sunscreens absorb into the skin in order to start working. Dry Zinc Sunscreen physically blocks the sun by sitting directly on your skin, which is why most labels say to apply the zinc sunscreen about 20 minutes before entering the sun.

Our SPF 44 Dry Zinc sunscreen is oil free and was engineered specially for athletes to go on clear with a matte finish so athletes can focus on play and exercise, instead of how pale they look.

Type: Sunblock

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