NuWave 8'0" Sycamore Round Nose White Rail Stand Up Paddle Board

This is a sweet little board that serves two purposes. First, for kids or "petite" adults, it's much easier to handle for things like putting the board on the roof of a car or carrying it to the put-in. At 30.75 inches wide and 4.5" thick, it's still plenty stable, particularly if you're 140 pounds or less and are paddling on flat water.

For more experienced SUP surfers, it's a more maneuverable board for shredding the waves. It's been successfully surfed by guys up to 215 pounds, but we recommend it more for experienced wave riders at 185 or under. 

The package includes the board, leash (either coiled or straight), deck pad and adjustable carbon fiber paddle.

Additional shipping charges will apply (but we're happy to provide local delivery at no charge!)

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