SolRx Original Formula SPF #44 Sunscreen - 1 oz

This product is our original formula, made under license for years as the Ironman Triathlon Sunblock. Blended with protective sunscreen components, a water base, and the SolRx WaterBlock® Certified 8-Hour waterproof system. As with all SolRx sunblock lotions, the product is eco-friendly -- it stays on the skin, not on the reef. Rather than reapplying multiple times daily SolRx sunscreens are a once-daily application. Customers with children will consider this a life-saver on beach, pool, lake and river excursions or anytime their children are outside playing in the sun. For those who play golf or tennis, or have any activities that result in exposure to the sun, this is the solar protection you can count on, as it can be applied invisibly once and keep you safe all day without burning. They have no parabens, no pabas and no nano particles, which means it does not absorb into your body. You wash it off with soap and water. Our products are non-comedogenic as well and have no fragrance. Fisherman, it won't foul your bait or your gear! No oil base means it doesn' t harm your equipment.

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