James Michael "Nemo" Nemnich, Artist

Mike "Nemo" Nemnich is a self-taught artist who has been involved in one form of art as far back as he can remember.He has created everything from fabric prints and etchings. A lifelong surfer, Nemo started out airbrushing fins and surfboards, under the name Nemo Sprays. Now a respected fabric designer, illustrator, t-shirt designer, etc., Nemo's career as a surf artist has combined the best of both worlds; his love of surfing, the tropical environment and art. 

Although he has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, Bali, Java, and Puerto Rico and elsewhere, he cites Indonesia as a profound inspiration for  what he puts in his art. Incorporating elements of the ocean environment with ethnic influences from his travels, our collection reflects his unique style of art, showing us the beauty of waves, fish, turtles, the sun and nature in brilliant colors.

Nemo is one of our best local artists. As a 70s & 80s  pro surfer, fine art artist, designer, surf artist, Nemo was inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame in January, 2014.